The Most Popular Kratom Strains

Although kratom is a herb like any other, its effectiveness and numerous benefits make it one of the most popular supplements in the market. Different kratom strains have been known to enhance cognitive functions, relieve stress and offer medicinal care. These are just but some of the reasons why people use kratom.

As mentioned above, kratom comes in various strains. Each strain offers its unique benefits. However, if you are new to the world of kratom, then you should research what are the benefits of these different strains. Below, we are going to discuss the most popular kratom strains and their benefits.

Most Popular Kratom Strains

1. Maeng Da

It is impossible to talk about kratom strains and forget to mention the superior Maeng Da. This particular strain is considered as one of the strongest amongst kratom users. It boosts energy levels and offers stimulation to users.

Maeng Da kicks in slowly. It starts with feelings of cheerfulness and confidence. To achieve the benefits of the Maeng Da, you should take it in low doses. Such enhances your cognitive functions. For example, you will be able to focus more on your tasks, remain active for longer and get an energy boost.

This particular strain comes in three different types. There is the white, green and red Maeng Da. Out of these three, the red Maeng Da is the strongest. The recommended dosage for the Maeng Da is strain is 1-2 grams.

2. Red Bali Kratom

Closely following the Maeng Da is the Red Bali Kratom. It is a favorite among users. This particular strain is mainly from the island of Bali in Indonesia and it grows very slowly. This strain is used to relieve pain and often used with cancer patients. It has also proven to be capable of relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. Other than that, it is recommended for insomnia.

Unlike other strains, to achieve effects such as relaxation and pain relief, the red Bali kratom should be taken in high doses. However, if you are new to kratom, start with a lower dose and work your way to the top.

3. White Borneo

Living in an era where life demands a lot from you, stress has become a common condition. The good news is that the White Borneo kratom is a popular stress reliever. Other than being a natural stress remedy, this strain is effective at giving users enough motivation and stimulation to keep ongoing.

If you experience mood swings, the White Borneo also regulates mood swings. It is a better alternative to coffee or tea and works magic when taken early in the morning. Although it has not been clinically proven, the White Borneo is an anti-depressant. Its effects kick in almost immediately.

Where to Buy popular kratom strains

These three are the most popular kratom strains. Depending on the benefits you wish to get, after reading the above, it shouldn’t be so hard for you to choose the best strain. However, choosing the best kratom vendor is a Lil bit difficult because several kratom vendors are selling kratom. So you have to choose the vendor which has quality kratom free from impurities and approved by the AKA American kratom association. Each of them offers different features and prices of kratom. So it is better to remain update with legit kratom sellers. Out of those vendors, you can get your required strain.